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Hi all,

I know there have been numerous threads with regards this topic.

I've just bought a RRS 2008. It has the 1st version of the touch screen. Currently the only way to use the ipod is through the aux port behind the armrest. What I am looking for is the ability to control the ipod preferably from the touch screen.

I have searched numerous sites for a solution, but found 2 possibilities:

1. MostAux-rr - http://navtv.vom/product/39/mostaux-rr.html
2. NAV TV Vehicledock (apparently discontinued) + OPV-1LR - http://www.nav.tv/products/audio-visual-input-opv-1lr-2005-2009

Has anybody installed or played around with either of these units? I'd also welcome any other solutions to this problem.

Thanks so much
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