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Range Rover Sport 2.7L TDV6 Diesel Auto 2006

Hi all, it鈥檚 my first post so be gentle.

I know Range Rovers are sensor sensitive so I am open to anything. Technical that is馃槂

I have been chasing the HDC, Transmission Fault, Park Brake Fault, Suspension lowering for days. My biggest concern was the HDC fault. I start the engine and it鈥檚 fine then after approximately after 90 minutes of driving is happens. I switch the car on and off and it clears but from then on I can only drive a mile or two before it happens again. Thank god for recovery trucks.

My fault codes are as follows:

P0196. Engine oil temperature sensor circuit range/performance.
P2290. Injector Control pressure too low.
U0100. Lost communication with engine control module/powertrain control module
U3FF0. Unknown Fault U03FF0 (0xFFF0)
U0300 Internal Control Module Software Incompatibility
U2023. Engine Torque Information

Biggest chatter on the web was Battery or Alternator. So I changed the battery and had the alternator tested, alternator was working with normal parameters.

Vehicle tested All fault codes remained and HDC faults illuminated the dash board and message centre.

Next the chatter on the web was about the fuel filter P2296. So I replaced the fuel filter.
Harsh lesson No 1 - Do not over tighten the fuel sensor into the fuel filter. That cost an extra 拢65. Pah.

Vehicle tested All fault codes remained except P2296 but HDC fault still illuminated the dashboard and message centre.

Next the chatter on the web was about the oil temperature sensor. P0196. So as I was taking the sensor out I did an oil change. Engine flush, filter and replaced the oil temperature sensor.

Vehicle tested. P0196 has now gone. I have put the car though it鈥檚 paces and HDC fault etc remains with dashboard lights illuminated.

My next target is the brake light switch! Any thoughts?

Before I go and spend big money Any Ideas what to tackle next?

Thanks in advance.


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Please do a search. Please scroll thru 427 entry's and THEN please get back to us.

Thank you!

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for your guidance, I did search the other posts like you suggested. There were some useful hints. The reason why I posted was because I had a whole bunch of fault codes and I wondered if someone could see a link between them all. When I searched I couldn鈥檛 find the same fault codes being discussed.

in addition it always happens an hour or so after I have been driving.

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