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RRS 10 HSE want Supercharged exhaust

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Do you guys think it will be possible to put the chrome tip supercharged exhaust onto a HSE RRS?
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The outlet tips on 5-liter naturally aspirated engines are 65 mm in diameter out of the rear mufflers, those on 5-liter S/C are 70 mm and finished with a chromed stainless steel sleeve. That's the only difference between the two exhaust systems, which are otherwise identical from cats all the way to rear mufflers. So, it should be possible to swap the tips but some welding will be required to fit the large diameter S/C tips to the smaller rear muffler outlet of the HSE exhaust.
I just had this done on my 08 HSE. Works well. However, I need to go back to the exhaust
shop and get them leveled out properly. The shop put them at too much of an angle for
my liking.

Cost me $117.00, including installation and the same type of resonated exhaust tip (4 1/2" inch diameter) as the S/C.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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