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Hi guys.

I tought I should share this nice upgrade with you guys. Since we had some extremely cold days over here -13 Farenheit lately, I was thinking about that old trick to cover up the radiator to avoid that extremely cold flow thru the radiator.
Anyway so I looked thru the web and I find this radiator muff from exmoor trim designed for the Landrover Discovery I. That will do the trick, it should be easily to adapth to the RRp38 since these two cars have almost the same measurements comes to the grill.

Some small adjustment on the on the top plastic on the received muff and it slides nicely around the top of the grill, and I decided to use some regular soft top fasteners from an hardware store down at the bottom.
Easy to remove and install the whole muff without any tools:thumb: once the soft top fasteners where installed.

This is the outcome. Thinks it looks cool, and it works for cold weather and in mud / wading condition.





All picture shows the muff rolled up, hence normal driving condition. You fold down the flap for extreme cold or going thru water mud condition, and the radiator grill is closed.

To buy for the mod:
1 ea. exmoor trim radiator muff for the disco 1 ( ebay )
4 ea. soft top quick fasteners.

Maybe an good upgrade for u guys in extreme climate.

Best regards Brage
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