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Hi Everyone

We have now ventured into the RR family, we have a series 2a 1968 and felt a 1998 2.5 DSE would fit the bill.

She has 156K on the clock and picked her up from London and drove 300 miles without missing a beat.

She has a few jobs to fix but they are nothing too difficult

Air con regas
3 of the 4 diff oil seal are leaking
It has a leak (not sure from where) but it is running down the auto box dip stick pipe and running to the sump of the auto box but need to find where it is coming from.......any thoughts would be useful
It also has problem with the fobs, so need to change the ecu, bcm, ignition and door locks as the boards are beyond repair and tell the vehicle of the changes

Guess what, it also has the drivers seat issues so if the fix can be sent to me I would be grateful as I can't access the download

Thanks in advance


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Fix sent to you? Couple issues with that. We have no idea what your seat issues are. We have no idea what download you are talking about. A forum works by posting "fixes" here so that others can find a fix by using the search function.

Fill us in on what your seat issues are and I am sure someone can lend a hand. Also advise what download you are having issues with.

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I would think the leak running down the gearbox dipstick is coming from the gearbox itself. Either it has been overfilled or the breather is blocked. No need to change the BeCM, ECM, locks, etc, you need a pair of fobs from a car with a known lockset keycode, swap the key blades over and reprogram the BeCM with the new lockset keycode. Marty_NZ on here can do that for you far cheaper and easier than swapping everything over.

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The first step in tracking down oil leaks is to completely de grease the entire drive line.
This is best done on a lift.......
Then when something oozes out, you can follow the trail up.
As Richard says, Contact Marty before spending a bunch of time and even more $$$ on the modules. Also, virtually nothing on these rigs is "Beyond repair" ESPECIALLY currently working BECM, ECU, etc.......If some "Expert" (Like a dealer for instance) told you this was the only fix......NEVER speak to them again, because they are flat out wrong......
For Fobs, Marty is your new best friend!:thumb:

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if your fob problem is simply that the remote doesn't work, read the excellent section here on alarms, door etc. go through it, the procedure with holding the button and locking actually works.
PLEASE read this
it you really have a lock issue, Marty is your man, I have used his services in France and he even supplies Costa Rica.
You hardly ever need to replace a BECM.. talk to us first.

what you do need is a nanocom or at least a hawkeye. they pay for themselves in no time.

and for the rest, Bolt is right.
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