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Morning chaps,

So i chucked my 11 tdv6 in to local dealers with issues:
steering wobble at 70-80
judder under braking
leaking oil
rear tailgate leaking in water
rear tailgate top section rattling when driving and to music
front cigarette fuse not working

After having my car for 2days i got a print off to state:

-Rear prop, front Cv joint boot split leaking oil
- engine oil leak loss of 1.5lt dripping from belly pans, leak from sump gasket vehicle has "ace"
- front brake discs below min thickness
- Nsr handbrake has been hot
- low battery amps retired req

I asked on looking at this list if i am fine to drive the car with an oil leak to which i was told its fine and ill book you in for 28days time. I requested a sooner date, so i got one within 14days.. I'm told the rear prop is covered and they need to investigate the oil leak to see if thats covered.

i was passing my local Lr Indie and gave them the list and they laughed, told me they should never have let me leave with so much oil missing as they had similar recently and the engine blew up! Quick top up and booked in for 2days later to have a look over.

The indie spent the day looking over and done the following:
- free off seized spacers all round
- supple and fit performance discs & pads front
- remove and clean rear discs
- new handbrake shoes needed ( fitted)
- handbrake adjustment
- balance all wheels

The guy told me that the rubber boot has split of the rear prop front flange, and that it isn't something that needs doing asap. the oil leak is from the rear of the engine (flip belt cover) possible camshaft seal, this would require the top off the car to investigate.
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Land Rover dealerships don't investigate or diagnose. They replace..... And that's about it. Yeah maybe there's a few dealerships with techs that will actually try to improve things and think outside the box but I think they just replace for the sake of speed, liability and accountability. Easier and more profitable to replace in most cases, than it is to investigate, reason and deduce. Right now because I'm still covered under warranty the dealership is my best friend. They've saved me thousands but nothing lasts forever, even this kind of love and once that ends, so will my visits unfortunately. At a rate of 120 per hour and a "just replace it" attitude, I think it would be best to just find an indie mechanic that has a passion for these intricate machines. This has proved harder than easier here in my area.
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