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  • Co. Galway , Ireland

    My brother has a 2004 RR 3L dsl with about 145K mls on the clock.
    All was well until 2 days ago.
    While driving home he noticed the rev counter was climbing but speed staying the same.
    Eventually he had no drive.
    By switching off and restarting he made it home - getting about half a mile from each restart until drive faded.
    At home , engine cold , when started it now goes just about 50 yards and then loses drive.
    He had it scanned this evening and sent me this from his phone :
    85 CAN bus transfer box timeout ;
    37 gear monitor 5 fault ;
    36 gear monitor 4 fault ;
    35 gear monitor 3 fault ;
    There is no Land Rover 'expertise' around the area - and the nearest main dlr is 35 mls away.
    So I'm posting here in the hope that some forum members can offer suggestions/advice .
    The guy who scanned it is a big fan of the RR and has a 2007 one himself. Not sure what type of scanner he had but he said its only for the RR and has proved accurate on other RRs. He was of the opinion its an electrical/wiring fault .
    It shows " transmission fail safe " when fault occurs.
    Any help greatly appreciated .


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In the US, the 2003-2005's had problems with the transmissions. Mine had similar issues to yours, I found a good, used transmission and had them swapped out.
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