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Hi, I'm new to the forum and in desperate need of some qualified help. Just bought a RR 2006 Vogue with some of the payment suspended because the navigation and bluetooth units are not working.

I live and work in Kosovo, where there is an 'unauthorised specialist'.. He says that he's checked the wiring and fuses and found no errors (he's also run the diagnostics setup). However, the navigation unit is completely dead (dvd cannot be pushed out) and there is no bluetooth signal when I try to connect my phone. On the touch screen it just says that the features are not unavailable, or rather 'not installed'.

Has anybody on this forum previously encountered something similar or does somebody have an idea of what might be wrong - and what to check? I don't particularly mind buying replacement units as the seller will be responsible for paying - however, there's no need if the problem lies elsewhere.

Thanks in advance.

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