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RR 2006 Head Lamp Washer algorithm problem!

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I think, my algorithm changed somehow from what it used to be (and should be in) to something else:

1) If the headlamps are on, then power wash will operate on every fifth operation of the screen washer, provided that the headlamps are still switched on and 10 minutes have elapsed since the headlamp wash. (From the manual).

IT SHOULD WORK LIKE ABOVE, and it was working until something changed, and now 10 minues for me equals only to 3.2 minutes.

2) When I want to wash my headlamp again, (and 10 minutes still not elapsed) I can reset the cycle by switching the headlamps off and back on again, and it will reset the cycle. It was working, until something changed. NOW switching the headlight off and then back on again, won't help.
If I want to wash my headlamps again (and 10 minutes still not elapsed), I need to cycle ignition.

We test it on other car, and it exactly like mine. 3.2 minutes and switching the headlamps off and back on again will not help.

Tried to disconnect negative terminal from the battery for 30 min, nothing helped.

Can anyone test it on your car please?

I've got Xenon headlamps (original) 2006 FFRR SC, EUROPEAN.
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