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RoverLog Spreadsheet Fixed

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Okay, I got it back up. Noticed my previous thread was removed. Apologies to the admins and forum as a whole if I'm doing this wrong. I'm not the best at making spreadsheets. Either way I had the incentive to fix it, in the time I posted the original spreadsheet, my air conditioning failed so I got to add another line to the spreadsheet. `)

As a refresher, this is an objective log of maintenance and repairs done to a 2006 L320 RRS that I got with 126k miles on it for $7500. This isn't necessarily commentary on the reliability of a new RRS, it's one that has been put through its paces. It's entirely up to you to interpret the data. Feel free to download and use the spreadsheet yourselves if you want to input your own service logs as well!

It can be found at: http://20k.com/roverlog/

Sorry it doesn't fit well as an embed on my page. If you know how to shrink things to fit the browser window, please share the secret!
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Hi and thanks for your feedback, I'm afraid I'm not getting the same result you are. When I click the link, it goes to my page that contains an embedded Microsoft Excel spreadsheet logging the service history and repair costs for my RRS. If you could screen grab what you're seeing when you click on it (in the previous deleted thread, other members successfully viewed the sheet), that might help me address whatever problems you're having when you try to look at it but it is not spam and does relate to L320 ownership.
I think it's an awesome concept and even though might be a little buggy until you get it up and running 100%, I think it has the potential to be an awesome and informative tool.
Thanks 4wd430. I appreciate it. It's pretty much up and working now and I may tweak formatting from time to time, but for the most part, the info's there in all it's pricey glory :)
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