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2013 RRS HSE
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I have tried searching and was unable to find anything conclusive so I am posting looking for suggestions, ideas, thoughts, etc.

1997 4.6 HSE US Spec. 110K miles

Running fine with the exception of starting after warm. Cold starts are fine, and Hot start (say anything within 10 minutes of shutting off at Normal Operating Temp) is fine as well. Issue is with starting anywhere from 10-20 minutes after shutting off at Normal Operating Temp. Will not idle unless gas is applied immediately after crankover and held (revs over 1200+). After about 15 seconds of revving the engine will idle fine and stay running without an issue.

Basic Maintenance has been performed, Plugs are clean and gap is correct, New HT wires within last 20K miles, New Crank Pos. Sensor, Fuel Pressure is good (I am going to recheck but it was last tested after this issue had started).

Any suggestions?


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Check your purge valve.

You can quickly eliminate this as a possible source of your problem.
Uncouple the tube fitting and blank off the inlet to the manifold for a test.

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