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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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I usually just scan the threads and can pickup invaluable information from all of you. I have been chasing this issue for a few months and would really appreciate some insight.

2004 Range Rover L322

When RR first started, it idles really rough. Sometimes the check engine light flashes and goes off. Sometimes it flashes and then stays on. Most of the time it does not come on. The engine ALWAYS runs rough on initial start. Usually (but not always) all the other starts throughout the day are perfectly smooth; no problems.

The following are the codes from IIDTool BT:
#1 - IP-Instrument Pack: 0xBD EBV function fault received from ABS ECU
#2 - xxxxx: ?x?? O2 Sensors Swapped (haven't seen this one in awhile)
#3 - HID-Left Headlight: 0x2A Ignition voltage < 7.5 volts
#4 - HID-Right Headlight: 0x2A Ignition voltage < 7.5 volts
#5 - RAIN-Rain Sensor: 0x0001 Unknown

I always get #1, but the other codes are random but consistent:
#1 and #2
#1, #3, and #4
#1 and #5
#1, #3,#4, and #5

It started off being #1 and #2 most always. Then I got #1 and #5 and few times. Now it is mostly #1, #3, and #4 (with #5 randomly showing up)
I'm stumped on how to diagnose this as the O2 sensor swapped code was coming on before the rough idle began.

Would really appreciate any insight
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