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rough idle / hard start

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Just got home tonight and as I was getting into town, I noticed my 2006 full size was idling rough when I stopped at a stop light. Accelerated fine and seemed fine for normal driving but when I stopped in the driveway, same thing, rough idle. I shut off the rover, tried to restart it and it had a difficult time starting. Plugged my code reader in and I'm getting P0158 - Heated exhaust gas oxygen sensor - circuit high voltage (bank 2, sensor 2). and P0461 - Fuel level sensor A - circuit range/performance. Did a little googling and didn't really get a good feel that the rear O2 sensor would affect that much. Still figured that would be where I would start. Not sure what to think of the other code. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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Try the ignition coils.
Rear O2's only monitor the efficiency of the Catalytic converter, shouldn't affect the operation of the engine at all. Don't know how a fuel level sensor could affect it either, might want to check fuel pressure at the rail see if its low (or high).
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