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Rotora Brakes

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What do you guys think of the Rotora Big Brake Kit. I am looking to buy this kit: the front setup consists of 8 Piston Chrome Calipers with 2 piece cross drilled rotors with black anodized hats. The Rear setup consists of 4 piston Chrome calipers, pads, brake lines, and 15" 2 piece cross drilled rotors with black anodized hats. The kit sounds like a good one. Just wanted some more opinions other than my own.
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If you must get ginormous brakes, my opinion is that you might as well splurge for the genuine article, Brembo GT, for bragging rights you know... Rotora may make a very nice brake system too, perhaps every bit as good as the Brembo, but it would seem more appropriate for riced up Hondas and Acuras than for a Range Rover Sport. In the long run, it could get tough answering the dreaded "Why didn't you just get the Brembos?" question to friends and acquaintances without sounding cheap. :lol:

Seriously though, I imagine a brake upgrade like that also requires a bump up to spacious 22" rims?
CHROME? :crybaby2:
HAHA all os these are concerns I have had as well. The only reason I'm considering them is because they are a really good deal right now. They are almost 80% off of retail so it's kind of hard to rationalize the price of a full set of Brembos for the price of these. I was thinking with the chrome was not that great looking either. But I'm sure there is something that can be done with it. And I am currently looking for either some 22s or 24s.
Anybody know how much Brembo's are for the RRS S/C ??
Do you have a link for these new brakes? I dunno about you HSE guys, but the factory SC brakes are really good stoppers. Not sure that 'upgrading' is actually an upgrade, ya know?
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