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Rock Sliders/Tree Sliders

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I am in the market for some rock sliders for my truck. I know some of the 'how-to' and tech articles and DIYs/links in other areas of the website are possibly a bit... dated. I had emailed the folks at RockRover (Alan, I think is his name?) to see if they were still making anything for the P38. I am still pending a response.... but, in the meantime - are there any other folks making sliders for these out there, or are the Terrafirma ones pretty much the only option at this point? If that is the case, are the TF sliders robust enough for what they are? Decent quality?

Thanks in advance!
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I’ve seen the TF ones and they are quite stout and beefy. Best price I found was LRDirect dot com
you can install them yourself with a good jack. Lucky 8 has a video on the you tube showing short cuts that really help. I have not seen many other options. Alan can still make them but shipping to Colorado to me from his place on the east coast made them too expensive for me.
The problem with all these aftermarket rocksliders is that they sit under sills, and you lose quite a bit of clearance, just to protect those plastic bits. Me and Ben are planning to build our own rock & treesliders, and fit them round the body sills, instead of the plastic trim. Like you do on a Defender, to replace the flimsy alu sills. But it's on the long list of projects, as it has been for some time...

It is not too big a job to make up your own, if you have a welder. I like the rocksliders on this P38:


Looks like 3" tubing and three attachment points to the chassis each side.

Don't know if he is a member of this forum, but it looks good, except for the coils that is.
Thanks for the tips guys. Unfortunately, I lack the equipment, skill, and space to fab up my own set. Looking more at the TF sliders at this point - looks like Lucky 8 carries them, plus a few other bits. They're only about a 3 hour drive from me so it may almost be worth going there and picking them up myself. I might give them a call in another week or two here to see what's in stock.
I was making them years ago, then got stuck with a set that someone was going to buy.
Problem with P38 owners for the most part, is that they think because they bought the rig at a bargain price, everything else should follow suite. It costs the same to make a pair of sliders for a P38, as it does for a '12 FullSize SC. Not worth my time any more.
I have a set on my own Lsx powered P38, and a few other folks have them. But I wont put the time, effort and money into making them anymore unfortunately.
Pretty simple to make though if there is a fab shop near you

rock ware, rovertym, safari guard, terrafirma/allmakes 4x4, arb.
Received an email back from Alan @ Rockware---he is no longer fabricating sliders or bumpers.
Received an email back from Alan @ Rockware---he is no longer fabricating sliders or bumpers.
Likewise - I figured it was worth a shot.

I understand completely Martin... it’s tough making products like this for a niche market. But I’ve been working on Euro cars since I had a license so I bought the P38 fully knowing what to expect, unlike some folks.
I'm from England, and have had Rovers from old POS Series ones..... lol
Over here, if you cant work on them yourself, they are a pretty expensive hobby in my experience

Saw Rimmer Bros have some rock sliders in their catalog.
I ended up putting on Terrafirmas. Not a hard DIY job, but it does eat up most of a day if doing solo w/o a lift. A good jack is a must (to lift the sliders up to be able to mark them. And make sure you have 3-4 metal drill bits, in both sizes, as the P38 frame just eats them up. Lucky 8's youtube video was spot on....I was too much of an idiot to find the longer drill bits and that ended up probably 2x as long. I got local quotes to fab a pair, and they were about $500 more than the Terrafirma. In retrospect I should have paid the $$, b/c as nice as the Terrafirma are, they aren't a great "step" if your truck is lifted, and I could have had perfection (and a long afternoon of installation avoided) instead of just pretty good.
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