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Road Hazard option - thoughts on value?

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I'm getting my first Range Rover so will be new to the club. But I had a question for those of you with more experience with your Range Rovers - how valuable do you see the Road Hazard package the dealers offer to cover tire/wheel damage? My dealer offers the protection for ~$950 for 5 yrs (might have been 4 yrs, will need to confirm). In the past, I have turned down those packages (previously for low profile run-flats on a BMW and on an Audi). But what does your experience say in terms of the value? I'll have the standard 21" wheels on the Supercharged. Thanks!
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What does it cover exactly? Exclusions? I've seen quotes much higher than that, so depending on the coverage it might be a pretty good deal.

How do your current wheels look? If you are prone to park too close to curbs and currently have scrapes, then it might be worth it.
You just need to damage one wheel and it will pay for itself.

I almost didn't get it even though I had it on my BMW and wound up using it after I ran over rebar that shredded my new run flats on one side. But the sport is an SUV and besides the car has cameras and am a pretty good driver, in fact I valet parked in North Jersey in the 90s. Besides this car wont see any hazards.. wrong, and wrong. Went off-roading twice already! Then.....
last month I was street parking and was admittedly a bit frustrated by lack of any spots. Its was raining and I didn't have an umbrela so I didn't feel like going to pay public parking. I put on the park assist but it wasn't selecting any spots and I was pretty sure next to me on the left could fit even if it would be tight. Well man vs machine! I turned on curb view to park. At same time am watching the tight squeeze and grrrrrrrrh WTH was that? Its your wheel dummy. Gouged! I step out look and ahem! Ego dented, but for consolation I was perfectly in the middle with barely a couple inches to spare. Didn't matter car behind me was at the end and one in front had huge space in-front so if they left before I did my car wouldn't get scratched.

Lesson learned. Maybe machine is still superior to an expert valet! That insurance over 4yrs.... you'll likely use it unless you get rid of the car after only a short while. Take that into consideration.
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My dealer talked me out of it. It's not like I get a flat every year. If a flat or so then , I'll replace it.
I did not buy it on mine. I bought replacement tires, as soon as I got the truck, from Discount Tires Direct. You pay a $25/tire fee and get a protection package from them that covers any damage to the tires. I got a flat, a stone punctured the tire, and when I called them to order a new tire, they saw that I had the protection and sent me a new tire for free. They didn't even charge shipping. I just paid $25 for a new protection package for the new tire. I have the 20" wheels and the tires I bought stick out a bit further than the wheel, so I don't think I will damage them. That being said, IF I did damage a wheel, replacing it would cost more than the protection package you were quoted.

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Bought it on my wife's A7. Replaced one wheel and two tires in first year. Already paid for itself twice over. So yes bought the package for the Rover. $950 is cheap for 5yrs, provided there isn't too much fine print.
Thanks everyone - this is helpful. No real fine print, other than the fact that this is the road hazard coverage and not cosmetic (curb rash for example). Thanks for the thoughts!
I guess a lot will depend on what and where you will use your car. If you a city dweller and have nice roads not worth it maybe, but if you goof the beaten path and drive to many strange places or drive crappy roads you might want to consider buying that protection.
I would say its worth it, but I've blown four of the tires on my 22" rims. I finally just bought an entire second set of wheels/tires for winter/off-road use, and taking the advice of another member, I plast-dipped everything but the roof of my truck..I'll remove the dip in about a month when hunting season is over.
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