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Ride Height Question

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I have a question regarding ride height. In the standard height mode, the distance from the ground to the center of the wheel arch is approx. 33.5" which is about the height for the high mode. When it goes to Freeway mode the height is approx. 31" which is the standard height. I found the heights from previous posts on this forum. I have the RSW software latest version and when I checked the settings they are all around the values listed in a table that I also found on this site. I understand that there is no such thing as "standard or default" settings but they should be in the range listed in the table. For the standard height the values I found in the table are 129, 127, 104, 103.

If I try to adjust the settings to bring the heights down to where they should be the values are below the allowed ranges. Other than this the EAS seems to be working okay. It doesn't drop at all when parked regardless of the height, so I don't think I have any leaks. I have also cleaned all of the connectors and they all looked good. There are no error codes.

It is like the ECU is confused on the mode. Standard is High, Freeway is Standard. Would a height sensor cause this? Even though I am not getting any errors, would the height sensor be giving a bad reading causing this behavior? Or would it be a faulty ECU?

Hope this makes sense.


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Have you tried rewriting the values and seeing what happens ?
when I purchased my latest p38 it was sitting way to high, I brought the values down bit by bit and now sitting right, even if nowhere where original settings say.
Chris, thanks for the information. I did try that, but will go it a another go this weekend to make sure. I did read in another post that changing the values by too much can cause problems and that it is best to just do it in small increments.

Thanks for the help and I will let you know if that helps.

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