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Ricirculation Flaps/Motors-Book Symbol

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Just got the my 1999 Range Rover (with Bosh) fault codes read yesterday.
Was told the book symbol we all know too, well was for a riciculation door fault.
The book light comes on when I push the ricurclation button on my Climate Control.
My question is if there are to blend motors for this ricirculation door or if anyone is familiar with this issue?
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Yes there are blend motors there. The are bolted onto the fan housing of the blowers. Unfortunately they are positioned in such a way that they are not really accesable in any normal way and to be able to exchange them you have to take out the whole blower assemblies which is only possible with the dashboard removed.

These blend motors do not have the feedback potentiometers the set of 3 have for the temperature control and distribution. They have just 2 wires towards the motors and the ecu detects the end of the stroke by the rise of the amperes when the motor stalls. They are for sale from land rover and you can buy one piece. I bought one 6 years ago but later returned it because of the hassle to get it fitted. I put the flaps to the recirculation position by applying voltage to the motor direct at the connector. Through the vent in the footwell you are able to see the recirculation flap as well as through the pollen filter inlet when you remove the filter unit. After positioning them I have disconnected the wires and ignore the booksign.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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