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Reversing Camera

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Hope someone can advise,, Is it possible to fit a reversng camera to my 2007 RR Sport and use the sat nav screen to view

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Yes you can it was the first thing I did on mine but you need to buy a GVIF module to hook it all up. Its pretty easy apart from routing the cable from the camera into the car which takes some creativity as it has to go up the upper tailgate which is all glass and has nowhere to hide/route the cables. The ones going to the switch and number plate lights are molded in.

I got the camera that replaces the upper tailgate switch and the GVIF from ebay, about £170 all together. The camera I got already has reverse line markers on it and they are not really in the right place/perspective which was annoying as the GVIF can add those and you can adjust them on there.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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