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Reverse camera install

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Hi there. New on the forum.

I have a 2004 Range Rover with TV install. I have bought a wireless reverse camera for the license plate with a separat monitor. Is it possible to install it so I get the picture up in my Nav unit instead while in reverse?


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Sell it.

Get a cheap NTSC spec reverse camera and make a bracket. Mount it on the bottom of the bumper by drilling one hole to put a bolt through.
Nav system is set up to take NTSC for the reverse cam but PAL for Aux video input, go figure - but apparently you can get it recoded by the dealer to accept PAL for the reverse camera input should you wish. Personally I wouldn't bother - Just get an NTSC spec one imported from hong kong for peanuts.

Wire a relay to the reverse lights so that you get a contact to earth when reverse lamps are on.

Get a patch lead off ebay - about £29ukp which allows reverse / aux video feed in to the tv system. You may need to swap one pin on the plug.

Wire the earth from the relay to the same plug.

When you select reverse then the camera powers up image pops up on the Nav screen, goes off when you deselect reverse.

Take thew power feed from the reverse light for the camera.


All documented in the forum.

Only requires one hole to be drilled with cautious laying of the cables in to the vehicle via the tailgate. 8)
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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