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I bought the facelift taillights from range rover. I saw the video from powerfulukltd and didn't think this would be a hard task. I have done these type of things before on other Range Rovers and other vehicles.
I got the lights yesterday. Great job to powerukltd on the video as usual, been using their resource for many years.

However it is incorrect in many ways.

1. You CANT use a plier to remove the red holder that holds all the pins in place. Pliers will cause it to disintegrate and it will be a pain to remove it in pieces. A small flathead works really good and should be the tool.

3. The pins are very brittle I broke three of them getting them out. You can strip the wire and get new connectors to solder on, no big deal but just a heads up.

3. Perhaps the biggest one the rewiring diagram they have is incorrect. I repinned the lights according to it and its still not working well. I have tried playing around with the pins and managed to get most of it working minus brake lights but I got frustrated and gave up put my old one back in.

I am going to take a look more when I have some time and get new connectors. But anyone else done this ?
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