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Hello all,

I have a 16' HSE Dynamic 2.0D, and really want Android Auto in the car. Apparently, the car has a Gen 2.1 system with an 8" screen and buttons down either side. I had installed an aftermarket screen interface with Android media that retains the RR OEM screen and touch capabilities, however it created so many other issues I had it removed. In various places I have seen the Chinese 10.25" Android screens, and after having one in a previous car (Mercedes) I don't want one again.

So, another thing I thought about was to retrofit/upgrade the OEM navigation system from the Touch Plus to the Touch Pro. I'm not even sure if this is possible but thought I raise the question.

Questions looking for help with -
  • screen mounting holes in the same location
  • dash trim that fits around the screen need changing
  • can screen be changed over without changing any other hardware?
  • Parts list / Part number list
  • Would a dealer need to connect with RR software to enable/change settings via OBD?
  • I can't be the first person who has asked, has anybody looked it to doing the upgrade and what was the outcome?
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