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Retrofit Apple Car Play

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Has anyone tried this kit before? I might give it a try and see how I like it.

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Go for it! I wish it worked for my 2013.
ICTP is a MY17 thing
Jag tested CarPlay and AndroidAuto ages ago. At last check JLR has not reached an agreement with either for full production use. I think you will find that is promotional photo from a couple years ago, not an endorsement for CarPlay or AndroidAuto.
According to the Jaguar forum this photo was taken this July at the Goodwood Festival of speed. The ICTP Phase 4 update that is now available has an over the air update function which is rumoured to be able to add Carplay and AndroidAuto. Wait and see I would say. Retrofit definitely would be necessary for MY13.
If you click the additional info link it goes to some off topic rambling rubbish and nowhere on page 3 or the previous pages is that photo shown nor is either button referenced. in addition just be cause Jag tested both platforms does mean LR products will get either one of them.
This is a bit more than rambling now. Dealers are talking about it, service people are talking about it, and now there is an F-Pace (SVR) on those pictures with the Phase 4 software that has CarPlay and Android Auto enabled. That is the InControl Touch Pro product in the F-Pace, same as the MY17 Range Rover system. It's been said since the introduction of ICPT (and Duo) that it includes the necessary hardware and capabilities for CarPlay and Android Auto. They just need to flip them on. They flipped them on in that Jag.
This is where we are today.

Everybody can draw their own conclusions. Of course there's only deafening silence from JLR.
Of course there's only deafening silence from JLR.
:lol: That's the usual mode for JLR until the last possible moment when a new item will quietly appear on their configurators.
yeah. they've got to learn how to communicate with customers when they're a technology company (which they decided to become).
FYI MY2019 L405, L494, L560s will get Apple car play with the new software and " all glass dash" trim levels. will get a 90-day subscription to apple car play. Then....As I have stated a while ago my company will be processing the credit & debit card monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions for apple car play subscriptions ( like BMW is doing) . LR/Jag is going same route as Bentley, Lambo, Ferrari,Porsche and a few others , There will NOT given an option for Android auto due to the low level security of android OS AND the google data agreement to know where the client is , statistics of the vehicle it's in, fuel MPGs, and other personal information. Which I'm glad LR/JAG also told google to pound sand about ( at least for now) .

Now those with MY2017, 2018s those will get the software update and apple car play option , but you have to go into the dealerships and pay for the new blackberry/rim software update ( unknown pricing at this time) , and then you will be able to log into a website if you don't have LTE service active , and pay for apple car play subscription license , Then when you give the website VIN, personal information, apple device ID & apple ID information you'll get instructions on how to activate apple car play the next time you get into your vehicle.

This is what my team is working on currently with the powers at will at JAGLRNA for 11/2018 roll out.
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Thanks for the info (extra thanks if this is covered under an NDA).

Sounds like I will at least wait until November and see what comes out.
No problem . It’s in dealers hands , we spoke to them all in San Diego the end of June during the dealership education and test drives. Not sure if they are allowed to talk about details yet , but the info I provided will or should be in a press release from LR/Jag tomorrow or so they say .....

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It's good that JLR is finally giving people apple car play...but why should I have to pay a subscription for it? Apple car play is handled on the phone that I already have. Why should I have to pay more/month for my car to talk to my phone and get limited information?

My friend in his new tahoe doesn't have to pay a subscription. Why if I just paid $120,000 or much more should I be gouged even more for a dang carplay interface?

Looks like I'm not the only one that thinks this is utter horse manure.

The difference is that Microsoft doesn’t charge samsung a fee to enable your Xbox to connect to your TV.

Apple charges JLR to use the feature, JLR is charging the customer for it separately instead of including it in the price of the car. Either way, customer pays apple’s fee.

I can't wrap my head around it. A car company charging a monthly premium for carplay...is LITERALLY like samsung charging me a monthly premium so that I can connect my xbox to the tv and view what's on my xbox.
It also puts the software liability & Interoperability issues on Apple not JLR .

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Well you may not see a press release today, not 100% sure yet. I just got off a call with JLRNA , JLRUK and my team and some lets just say brain surgeon bored attention seeking individual decided to come up with the idea with " package " the data service and apple car play subscription and " keep things in-house for us to manage and keep track of who is using the services "

Now things are on-hold with my team until they figure out what they want to do once again , after my team has been working for 18 weeks on a single website and payment portal for JLRNA customers for the MY2019 rollout...

2PM EST tomorrow 8/15/2018 con call with JLRNA with the infotainment product managers to discuss more... yipppiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Any idea if the phone will have to be plugged in or will CarPlay work wirelessly?
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