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Hi amm,
I just went from a 2014 RRS to a 2017 and the difference in the infotainment is HUGE! So, if you can pull it off, it’s absolutely worth it.

I’m in technology so yours is a question I pondered for a long time. Here’s where I was with my thinking…

Like you said, first you’d need to find the head unit. I looked on eBay regularly and always came up empty-handed. I also looked on various junk yards with the same results. But, assuming you are able to find the 2017 unit, next would be fit.

The first place I looked was a parts website to see what components were associated with each system. Here’s what I found for the 14-16 MY:


And for the 2017 MY


Even though we both know the screens look very different, it seems that the number components are the same: screen, head unit, bracket, etc. So, on that end I would venture to assume that on some level the brackets that hold the screen and radio unit should be interchangeable.

Next was trying to find out what the unit actually looked like behind the trim. I found this video on how to remove the head unit on 2014-2016 MY RRS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2PfIKrL-3s. Again, you’ll see the screws that hold down the screen are set for the width of the screen. Because the 2017 is so much wider, that whole bracket would have to be replaced.

Then there’s the question of the radio unit. The parts drawing shows them being the same size, but they also show the screen being the same size and we know they are not. I was never able to find an answer.

Finally, as it related to fit, you’ll notice that the plastic trim around your screen is different than the one on the 17s. Yours has a “step-down” from the side touch controls to the screen. The 17 is one continuous piece.

So, I wanted to find out if it was a matter of replacing the trim or if the whole piece had to be replaced. Unfortunately, it’s the whole piece. Take a look here


Then there was the question of connectors. Would they match, and would they work? Here’s my theory based on nothing other than experience in the technology industry.

It doesn’t matter if the connectors between the screen and the radio unit are different, you have to replace both. The connectors to the center console with the USB ports will be different because the 2017 has different components in the console (USB, HDMI, and SIM). Again, you have to replace both so it doesn’t matter.

And then, there’s the connector to the car’s harness. This has been debated a lot on other threads. I was really tempted to believe that they would match, but I don’t think they will because of one single difference that would make them different. MY 2017 supports 3G cellular data. So, the system must connect to the cellular antenna. IMHO that alone would not make the two connectors swappable.

Then of course, there’s programming. All the functionality on both systems interacts in the same way with the car. Steering wheel controls and climate seat buttons are the same and function the same way. But, I’m sure there would be some programming required.

Next is the consideration of price. Here are the things you’ll need to buy and my guess on what you can expect to pay:

- Screen $500 (used)

- Head unit $500 (used)
- Center console components $300 (used)

- Brackets $400 (new)

- Dashboard trim $1000 (new)
- Does not include cost of cellular antenna and all required wiring

Finally you have to keep warranty in mind. Assuming your car is still under warranty, by making such a drastic change to the car, you are essentially voiding the warranty. The dealer might not hold you to it if the repair is not related to the car’s electronics (let’s say the timing chain goes bad), but any repair remotely related to electronics (headlights, air suspension, power windows, A/C, etc.) I will venture to say that they will tell you that they will not repair it under warranty.

So, there you have it! Hope this helps on your decision. Keep us posted :)


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DJJ, anytime! We all have curious minds around here and sometimes these kinds of questions are met with short and snappy "can't be done" answers. I wanted to take the time and shed some light on a topic that's been discussed quite a bit.
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