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Post: P400e delivery
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Hi, seems we all have the same problems about delivery here.
In my case: I ordered in Belgium a P400e HSE-Dynamic mid-December '17 and previewed delivery by end April '18, noted explicit on the order form. Had to pay 9.000,00 euro in advance!
By end April, no news and dealer assured me a delivery by end of May after my phone call. By end of May, after my phone call: sorry problems at manufacturing, your order will be shifted to MY19 and delivery mid-August. After a lot of discussions they promised me some compensations and I agreed for delivery before end of August.
At the end of July I got my first call from the dealer themselves: Your car is at our European parking lot in Zeebrugge/Belgium and we’ll be able to deliver by mid-August. Ok if I sell my car by then? No problem go ahead! My previous RRS MY14 online for sale and sold after 1 day. (before the car was 2 weeks on the dealers intranet of JLR Belgium, without any reaction). By mid-August, hello dealer when can I pickup my car? Oh sorry there are some problems with the CoC documents of the car, delivery will take place at the beginning of September. Excuse me, but I sold my car after your permission? After a few angry phone calls: I can arrange you an Evoque for free in a few days.
At the moment I’m still waiting for delivery of my car, they expect by end of October but who still believes in it.
It’s my second RRS but definitely my last! Never had such a bad experience and worst communication at all form a so called “premium brand”. In May a mentioned already the possible problems around WLTP norms in September, but they laughed and said: “no worries, sir we are prepared for it!”
No chance they will get a good score on there survey I‘ll receive after delivery! Although it’s not completely the dealers fault but JLR distribution. An open communication would prevent such a frustration like this. Ok, if I had knew this in advance I would ordered another car or the Audi E-tron and not this RRS P400e. By the time a get my car, the Audi e-tron is almost available and it was my first thought in December ’17 on ordering.
If it was worth waiting for it...?
Nobody who can tell the real difference in a MY18 and MY19 model (excepted for Apple’s CarPlay, but it’s a free update on MY18) and why there was a delay in the first place. To bad, I hope the cars on the JLR parking lots near our seaside are well protected because after 3 months in all kinds of weather conditions… and worst, there are a lot of seagulls who produce a lot of “****”. Just like the management at JLR! ��
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