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Could you remove my thread please? Thank you.
Post: Brake pedal noise
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Posted by: koen110
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Hi all,

It's about a 1999 - 4.0 V8. Car has been sitting still for 5 years and now I'm getting her ready to go on the road again. First test drive month ago, the brake pedal was making 'grinding' noises so I replaced all disc brakes and disc pads but 'problem' is still there.

The car brakes superb and when driving >35kph the brake pedal does not make the noise, only when driving and braking under 35kph.. I've made a video of the noise, don't mind the lack of shoes, it's hot in here :razz:

Video: https://youtu.be/dVqTihaArLg

Anyone any ideas? I removed the 'dash' under the steering wheel and lubricated the spring on the brake pedal but no difference. Drive or reverse, same noise when braking low speed. Brake fluid never went under max level.

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No reason to delete, contains very good info. Koen sold the Rover and wants no trace of it on his account. That of course means deleting all of his posts which is not going to happen.
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