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Replacing the Radiator Fan - Special Tools?

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I need to put the fan back on, the Workshop Manual says to use the following special tools:


I see one is the fan spanner (36mm I think) and one is a pulley holder.

They are mentioned more for the removal of the fan are the necessary for the refitting of the fan?
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Just need a 36mm spanner, and it's a right hand thread (anti-clockwise).
I didn't need the holding tool, just gave the spanner a sharp tap with a hammer and it started turning :thumb:
opposite to do up...
Thanks for that, I think I have a standard 36mm spanner - will that fit down there or does it require the thin Fan spanner type ones?

Also how tight is tight enough? There is a torque setting in the manual but I don't have anything which could work out torque from a spanner! I presume it works on the principle of being self tightening when the engine is turning??

Only reason I'm slightly worried is that the fan is fairly new as the previous owner managed to have the first fan come off - which is also the reason I need a new bonnet as it has a dent buldging up out of it!
Once the shroud was off, I had enough room to use a standard open end spanner. As far as tightening it goes, I did it until my hands started to hurt.........
Great thanks for that you've been a great help will get on with that tonight.

Jobs left are:

Replace Fan
Replace engine bay hose (I made a bodged up one to get it going)
Replace leaky Power Steering Hose
Sort out leaking Rocker cover gasket
Finish Sorting Brake Pipes (Weekend Job)

If I can get all of that done for the weekend I can book in an MOT for next week, then I'll find it out if it really is OK or not!
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As far as a leaking rocker cover gasket goes, just try pinching up the bolts a small amount. A lot of people on this forum appear to have reported that just doing that sorts the leak.
keep going. hope you'll relay your successful mot. What brake lines do you have to do? cheers
Just about all the brake pipes needed replacing. So far I've done the long one from the rear passenger side - over the rear cross member and all the way up to the engine bay. I've also done the two small ones at the rear and I've removed the longish one from the rear drivers side to the engine bay (just need to replace now) I got that far before running out of pipe! Will hopefully finish it off at the weekend. Still got to check the front ones as I haven't even looked at them.

I also have a powersteering pipe to replace as it leaks but only when the steering is used,
I still need to put the fan back on but will wait until the powersteering pipe is done
And I found that one of the washer nozzles in the engine bay needs replacing/repairing as the pipe is snapped off.

Other than that I can see any obvious reasons for MOT failure but before I take it I need to check wheel bearings and cv joints etc.
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