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Hey All,

I broke my rear sway bar off roading (apparently), and I just did a bunch of searching on this forum and in google. Seems like several people experience this dreaded rear end clunking that indicates the rear dynamic sway bar is broken. I was quoted $3,700 to fix it at the LR dealer. Doesn't make a ton of sense on a $15k vehicle. So anyways I started looking into it, and I can get a new bar for $750 here, which isn't too bad: Anti Roll Bar Rear - LR024072P1 - OEM | Rimmer Bros

My question is has anyone actually seen a DIY on replacing one of these? How hard could it be? My biggest question I think is the hydraulic line and how to stop the flow. Anyone ever done one? Someone has to have. I found one thread where a guy said he did his in 4 hours, but didn't have any more detail. Any resources or experience would be a huge help. Thanks

Hopefully picking up a '90 RRC SE tomorrow, excited and hopefully I won't have two "project" RRs once I figure out this rear bar! Thanks
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