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replacement part exhaust

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1998 4.6 - needs a centre box which has split along the seam - sounds awesome but wont pass uk mot in november. cant afford a full stainless cat back sports system from rimmers but a web trawl indicates i could buy mild steel for around £80 and rear silencers if needed @ !100. seen a stainless straight pipe that cuts out the mid box for £99 which intrigues me -- assuming it is gas tight and not excessively noisy i cant think of mot issues...essentially i'm asking if on my current limited budget whether its a goer???
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Surely you have a good old fashion welder shop in the area that does mufflers. They are dive kind of places run by some old guy in overalls. Around here you can have a matching or very similar muffler installed for $80-$100. It'll easily get you through MOT and give you time to get a system you like.
As you are in the UK your cheapest option is Eurocarparts. They do a Klarius branded (made in Ireland I believe) centre silencer for £66.99 but as they do their 30% off, 50% off offers just about every weekend, you can get one for under 45 quid (using their current discount code of sale70). I fitted one 2 years ago after the previous Britpart fell apart after less than a year and the quality is good and it lined up perfectly. You'd never be able to weld a Britpart unless you were skilled at welding Coke cans, the metal is about the same thickness......
I just had my 1998 4.6 exhausts done (rear axle back) using Klarius 199E. £200 plus fitting as apart of some other chassis work I was having. Sounds like I could have got a better deal, but it gives you something to beat
I recently replaced my entire system, including downpipes and cats, with one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/range-ro...system-complete-front-rear-94-99/272214722398. Best price I could find (some places want this much for just the downpipes and cats alone!), fitted perfectly and comes complete with downpipe gaskets and clamps.
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