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Replacement leather seat skins

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Hi All

I have a 1994 HSE with brown leather seats. I've had it about 10 years and have kept it in very good condition but the drivers seat and the drivers armrest are starting to show signs of wear. Any idea where I can get new or second hand seat skins in excellent condition?

Thank you

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I redyed my 1998 lightstone a couple of times by a mob here in Melbourne called New Life Repair (I think they have franchises throughout Oz - they also do all of Land Rover's leather and plastic detailing work) - it's pretty good but lasts a few years and then detorriates. By the way, they did a good job of painting my rear external E pillar trims - the black plastic ones at the back of the car - lovely black satin finish. They might have a franchise down in Tassie. Or good excuse to come the Melbourne and watch the Bombers get flogged?

I don't think you can buy from Land Rover original replacment sets - like the carpet sets, they are no longer made. I have tried to get both. I also tried Exmoor trim but didn't get far with them.

Keep looking at ebay in the UK - there are a few private sellers who occassionaly have new/unused leather trim. I picked up a complete set of new leather lightstone trim (the complete set!) recently from a chap in the UK on ebay - it was expensive (900 quid) and the cost compounded by import duties etc but compared to the cost of getting a trimmer to replace the leather (or original parts if availabale) I think it was good value.


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I had some splits in the side of my seat and they were repaired when I had the seats redyed - but I was told that they would eventually come back - which they did - ultimately I formed the view that there is no subsititute for the new leather - if it's just your driver's seat and armrest a good trimmer (one who does show car work) should do the job - I am going to have some leather put in the door cards and armrests and also the glovebox like on the Vogue models - I'll let you know how that works out. The chap who I have talked to about that work here in Melb said he could do the seats in new leather no problem - he also had a perfect match for lighstone in a Conolly hide - but then I found the ebay parts. He also said the sides of the seats were vinyl not leather but since receiving my new parts off ebay I don't think that's correct.
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