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Replacement Gas Cap?

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Finally, the all plastic gas cap on my 06 sport fell apart. How does a gas cap fall apart, you might ask? Because Rover decided to engineer a overly complex cap assembled from 5 or 6 separate injection molded plastic pieces. Do they actually think that Rover owners are too stupid to know when the cap is on tight? The stock assembly is a torque limiting ratchet type of mechanism. You all know the familiar clicking sound. I really don't think it is that hard to know when a good old metal style gas cap is securely tight. It's when it won't turn any further by hand! I'm afraid to ask what the dealer wants for a new one. I'll be trying out a new metal one at the auto parts store.
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The nifty overengineered factory cap does more than put a lid on things. The torque limit rachet keeps the morons in states like Oregon from over tightening the cap so the next bloke can;t get it off. Oregon is one of those overly PC states that won;t let you pump your own gas because they are afraid you might overfill your tank. The factory cap also have aspecific venting pressure that is factored into your emmissions system. An incorrect venting cap will throw a check engine light and log a code.
Jeffrey, you can find LR genuine replacement caps online for around $20 or so, probably not worth "experimenting" with a universal cap and risk a CEL or emissions fault to save a few bucks. My cap is still OK after all these years (with almost 150K miles on the odometer I can say I have exercised that baby a few hundred times at least :wink: ), I don't mind the ratcheting mechanism - my old cars had similar caps - the only thing that bothers me is that plastic strap that's supposed to prevent you from forgetting the cap at the gas station after you fill up. When the gas cap is the least bit dusty it won't swivel around it as it's supposed to, and wants to pull the fuel door shut over my hand as I attempt to unscrew the cap. :evil:
What ever happened to just using a rag?
gooseyloosey said:
What ever happened to just using a rag?
They had trouble engineering a tether strap to fit the rag correctly and people kept loosing them! ibis1 :lol:
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