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replacement fuel filler cap

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As the title states, I need to replace the cap for a 2013 RRSC. I cannot find anything on Atlantic British. Ebay has several caps (LR053665) but these do not appear to be compatible with the L405. They are compatible with LR3, LR4, RRS, and Evoque from 2005-2016.

Does anyone know if this cap would be compatible with the L405? Any other sources to consider before going to the dealer?


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Not likely to be 405 compatible. The LR series and Sports were the same platform and the Evoque shared a lot of the same parts as it was rushed into production.
I was concerned about that so I just went to the dealer. They sold me the LR053665 cap. Fits properly.
Just curious but what was the cost from the dealership? I seem to recall them being rather expensive for what it is, like $100 or so.
Better than expected: $32
Now that is much more reasonable. I'm glad that the figure in my mind was, in fact, incorrect!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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