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Renewing the desiccant

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Hello Everyone,

I have a new packet of desiccant to put into the dryer cylinder.

How stiff should the cylinder's lid be? I've given it a good twist still attached to the air box, but no movement at all and am frightened of breaking it.
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I did it too.
Take the dessicant bottle off the airbox in order to not broke the mounts.

Then push the lid down and unscrew it. Kinda like a child protection bottle lid.
Wow - twice in one day -- many thanks.
where did you get the stuff to put inside it?!
From Dennis!
I've had some that needed to be put in a vice and the lid loosened with a strap wrench
SpiggyTopes said:
From Dennis!

Maybe I'm a bit daft - but who is he?!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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