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Removing washer/shim on A/C compressor?

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Ok, now that summer is rearing it's hot head here in australia, or at least trying its hardest to come early, in the hot temps we currently are having (+35celcius) it's now putting an excess struggle on the A/C system in our '95 4.6 HSE, and it sometimes doesn't seem to engage or the temps from the vents aren't as cold as they should be, but when it does work it is icy cold

i have noticed that when this happens, if i give the engine a quick rev, or put it in nuetral and rev it, it seems to re-engage the A/C system and it works again - for a short while

now doing this makes me feel that it is this sysptom and i plan on doing this basic repair firstly to see if it will help, by removing the shim behind the A/C magnet
http://www.rangerovers.net/newrremedies ... nditioning

Now after a quick look at it, i need a 14mm spanner or socket, but the question i'm asking is how did you that have already done this hold the free spinning face plate while trying to undo it, i'm sure there is a special service tool (SST) that would be a flat bar of metal with two prongs that would locate in two of the 3 available holes, to use as a lever, but anyone got any other ideas

I had a quick look to see if i could fit an allen key (thin metal rod) through one of the holes into the actual compressor as a lock key, but this doesn't seem to be an option

And also, should i be wary of anything falling/flying apart when i remove the face plate on the A/C compressor - springs/washers etc, or is it straight forward

Without measuring it, the space between the face plate and the compressor doesn't seem like too large a gap at all, maybe 3mm give or take, how big is the shim normally, and should i check the volts at the magnet?

Another thing i think it could possibly be is that now due to hot days we are having the A/C is working harder, which in turn is raising the operating pressure inside the system, and the pressure switch is cutting in, but why then would it come good for a bit if i punch the accelerator and rev the engine for a second?

If i start the car with the bonnet up, and A/C on, it kicks in (enagages) without any dramas after 5-10 seconds
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I opened up my clutch once using a tool to unscrew the oil filter. Slid it over the clutch plate and hold the plate tight with that.

Good luck

A strap wrench/chain wrench works wonders as well. :thumb:
such an ingenius idea, pity i only have the claw style at home, might have to go borrow one off a mate

i had another look at the car today, and this car does see a lot of work off road, mainly through paddocks showing potential buyers new properties, (in real estate), and there was a great deal of grass/seed etc in between the radiator and condensor restricitng a great deal of air flow, removed that crap quick smart with an air gun, however i have never noticed the temp guage to have risen above normal though
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