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Removing Side Rails from Roof Rack

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Hey Thanks to Rhino_ed and the Rave CD we have the instructions for removing the cross rails on the roof rack. only question remaining is how to remove the rails running from front to back? I can't find that in the Rave CD.
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remove the rubber plug on the inner side of each leg. THe screw in there will release the trim plate (outter side of each leg). THere will be clamps in each leg. Losten the clamps and lift the rails. THen just slide the covers over the holes in your roof.
alright Toadie. This is to take off the long rails from the truck, correct? (not the crossrails)
Thank you sir! What tools will i need for this?
The same as noted to remove your cross bars.
two hours and an annoyed mechanic, we finally got the roof rails off. ONE pesky allen bolt stripped, then we drilled it out and tried an ez-out, and THAT sheared off. Then the guy took a larger drill bit and just blasted through it, but only after another 30 minutes of fumbling with the sheared off bit. unreal. THEN we tried taking off the bumper to get the brushguard off, and it turns out that the bolts on THAT sheared off, leaving a good two inches of threaded rod locked in place. it's going to be so tight we're hoping someone can get in there with a small cutter wheel and shear it off so we can slide the bumper off. THEN we'll have to replace those bolts. anyone know the exact sizes of those two bumper bolts (they are underneath)?
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