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Hey Guys,

I just installed the 08 Supercharged taillights in my 03 and now I am trying to do the side fin/vent piece. I can see how it goes on from looking at the new ones, but I can't figure out the best way to remove the old one. I can't find it anywhere in the RAVE manual either, does anyone know the best way to accomplish this?

Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Mike,
It is very easy (two bolts per side).
First pull the lower panel straight towards by grabbing the side closest to the door. Don't pull too hard as you don't want to remove it completely from your Rover. There is a small screw holding it closest to your wheel.
Open Hood and remove top bolt above vent.
Now go back and remove bottom bolt.

Pull vent straight out at first then at an angle.

Reverse process
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