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Removing front RH fender splash shield

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Hi there,
looking forward to replace the front air suspension valve block on my 2012 and
I wonder if there's a chance of removing the front RH fender splash shield
w/o removing the wheel? Any experience on this appreciated.
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If you're able to lift/inflate the suspension airbags on your vehicle to the highest off-road setting you may be able to wriggle the liner out.

Remove the 10mm nuts, the 8mm screws and the plastic push clips.

Then, if you start at the rear of the liner where it "folds" flat under the floor and begin removing there and peel it forward, you may be able to gain enough access to to the firewall to save removing the entire liner.

To prevent the vehicle from dropping once you begin your swap out of the valve, PLACE A COUPLE OF SHOP STANDS UNDER THE VEHICLE BEFORE YOU BEGIN UNDOING THE VALVE FITTINGS.

Crystal clear.

Couple of questions;

  1. The shop stands are only needed on the front part of the vehicle right?
  2. I understand I could depressurize the system "carefully/slightly" unscrewing the valve block Voss connectors or
    alternatively using the SDD; I have SDD but my experience with it is very limited; is there any place where I can read
    about depressurizing with SDD?

The shop stands should be placed so that the car can't "drop" onto you while you're working in the lower right firewall area.

These can be under both sides of the rear of the front subframe attach point bolt areas (in the rear corners of the front subframe).

After you raise the car using the airbags, open the driver door and leave it open. This should disable the EAS (which is why any driver selecting access height needs to wait for the car to lower before opening the door).

SDD can depressurize the system for service but I don't have any instructions other than selecting and using that option.

I've not "manually" depressurized the front system so can only advise to use extreme caution if you're planning to "vent" the line pressure by very slowly backing out one of the hose fittings. Take a look at what color the airline running to the top of each front airbag fitting is and this should indicate which color hose(s) is/are the "demand side" from the valve and which remaining hose is the supply. From [a slightly rusty] memory you should be looking at a black, an orange and a green hose at the front valve.

Hope that helps a little.

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Thanks for your valuable information;
but I can't find where is located the "depressurize" option in SDD...
I'll give it another try later.
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