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Remote Key Fob programming MY 93

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I have one working key fob and bought another from LR. Now I am trying to program the second one (or both). All the procedures I have found are for MY 94-95. But I need something covering MY 93.

- I do not have a LED on the dashboard that could flash
- If I follow the procedure for the newer model the horn doesn't beep and I can't program the remote

Does anybody know how to do the programming for MY 1993?


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I'm hoping that I have attached a file called "Handset Installation.jpg"



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Thank you for this guide. It shows the procedure for cars with an LED on the dashboard. I don't have one. And the procedure is not working.

My vin is KAxxxxxx, so it should be a MY93. I thought the remote access and ultrasonic alarm was introduced in this year but all of the visible components are missing. No LED, no ultrasonic sensor near mirror.

I only have this remote key fob that is opening the doors. And no idea how to program the second one.

...sorry about that, mine is the one described in the PDF. You could try these guys "https://remotekey.co.uk/". I bought my new key fob from them and they seemed to know quite a lot about it.

Today it was a little warmer so I removed the lower dash panel. I found the ECU: It is AMR2591. But I can't find any information about it.

Is the working remote rectangular with one button? The procedure above worked on both of my 95s with the rounded, one-button remotes, but I have never gotten it to work on my 93.

When trying to program the 93 I did find an alternate set of instructions that seemed to match the hardware in that truck. If you open the remote there is a small module similar to a SIM card inside. There is also a removable cover on the alarm module that has a slot for the card and a button next to the slot. The procedure involved taking the card out of the remote, installing it in the alarm module, then installing it back in the remote. I couldn't get it to work on mine, but I never had a working remote for it. I suspect the whole system has been disabled somehow and didn't want to mess with it potentially resulting in a truck that I could no longer start.
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It may be worth a try if you have a working remote. The procedure was:
1. Remove the chip from the remote and install it in the slot on the alarm module.
2. Turn the key to the accessory position
3. Press the black button in the alarm module next to the chip slot for 10 seconds
4. Remove the key from the ignition
5. Remove the chip from the alarm module and reinstall it in the remote

If it works on yours I may have to give it another attempt on mine.
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Yes, the working key has one button. It's the same one that is used for the later models. Part No. AMR 3723 / LUCTXTJ1.
It has no SIM.

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for a 93 you have the wrong remote, the one posted on the picture is for a 95.

the link provides a picture of a remote for a 1993 model.
I have two identical key fobs. One is working! So it must be the correct one. The other one is brand new from JLR. And I want to program it.

For reference here is the card in the square style remotes that goes in the slot in the alarm module on my 1993.

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The pictures Stephan posted look like the rounded ones I have working on my 1995. I agree with his assumption. If it matches one that currently works on his truck then it should work. For those I just had to get into the programming mode NKG listed. Without the LED on the dash it may be hard to tell if it is in the programming mode or not and the procedure is a little tricky. The horn honks at step 9 and that may be enough to confirm the steps worked. Typically I had to run through the procedure 4 to 8 attempts with my son working the hood switch while I did the key and door locks from the inside until we had the timing right.
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