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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Hi All,
Just changed innerards of an old No.2 key remote into a fob new casing, now, although the red led onn remote comes on, it is not opening the car nor allowing me to start it, old one did work. EKA didn't seem to work either, currently on 30min. lockout period, any pointers please.

1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Where in Swindon are you?

What year P38?

If you have changed the innards of the key over and the vehicle was locked/alarmed when you did it, then it will have become un-synced from the vehicle. To resync it, you would need to have the vehicle unlocked and alarm off before it will let you do it (So EKA will need to be entered).

Do you just have the one remote key fob? If you have a second one which is synced to the vehicle, then you should be able to unlock it with that, and then resync the second key back to the vehicle once it's unlocked.

If you have only the one fob, then you will have to wait until the KEY CODE LOCKOUT has disappeared, and then try the EKA again.
Most P38's need 4x turns to LOCK before entering the first EKA digit.
When entering the EKA digits, the sidelight telltale on the dash should flash once for every recognised turn of the key, so you can use this to count the turns for each digit.

If you get stuck and it's still not accepting the EKA, then drop me a message, and if you're near to me, then I can possibly pop around with my Nanocom - if you have a later P38, then you can disarm them with diagnostics, and then that should get you back to normal - it could be possible there's a dodgy switch in the door latch which is causing problems entering the EKA that way.

Try the EKA again when the KEY CODE LOCKOUT has disappeared from the dash:
4x turns to LOCK to start
1st EKA digit to UNLOCK
2nd EKA digit to LOCK
3rd EKA digit to UNLOCK
4th EKA digit to LOCK
1x final turn to UNLOCK should unlock all the doors and let it start etc.

Hope this helps,
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