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"remix" sound from steering wheel while turning

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It's about the most accurate way I can think of to describe this sound that I have been hearing on my 06 rrss when Turning my steering wheel either left or right.

It's not very loud, but can be heard with the radio off.

Reminds me of a run DMc cd. Or a dj spiking a record backwards briefly.

Is this normal? Or is it indicitive of some sort of a problem?
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Re: "remix" sound from steering wheel while turning

A small number of MY06s had noisy power steering fluid damping valves:[attachment=1:2rubwkwk]LTB00021NASF.pdf[/attachment:2rubwkwk]

If not in that VIN range, this TSB may apply for 06-08s with squeaky steering gear:[attachment=0:2rubwkwk]LTB00111NAS2.pdf[/attachment:2rubwkwk]


Re: "remix" sound from steering wheel while turning

Thanks, umbertob, I'll print those off and take them into the dealer with me.
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