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We had 10 + inches of snow this weekend. Went out this morning, opened the door, turned the key, she started right up. The suspension was steady at the correct height with the reservoir still full, the heat and distribution worked fine. All was well with the world. She is a 1997, 4.6 HSE Vitesse AA Yellow with 180000 miles. Idles so steady you can barely hear her running, or feel it. Has enough get up and go for the size and weight with a small V8. I would have no issues driving her across America.
Only issue at the moment is the drivers side of the heated windshield is inop. I might get that replaced next year if I can save up some money.
These Range Rovers are really wonderful vehicles, sometimes a little frustrating, but wouldn't trade mine for any other vehicle. Looks like all that time in the summer doing maintenance / repairs was well worth it.


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For your heated windscreen it could be as simple as one of the relays needs a bit of cleaning, which if I remember correctly #5. If you look at the RAVE description you'll see it is an odd set of circumstances that happen when you press the heated windscreen button. The HvAC system turns on the left side by relay 5 which triggers relay 4 for the right side. Pushing the button also send a signal to the ECU that a big electrical draw is going to happen. This ups the output of the alternator a hair. I'm sure that RAVE has a much more technical description. I don't have RAVE up here watching the news... and i am just having my first pint of coffee.
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