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kstatenupe said:
Back On Topic I went with the 255/50R-19 Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow for my winter driving. Cant wait to test them out on a trip to MN. I will write a mini review, but the only thing I can compare them to are my 22's

I will sell 2 of my conti's and keep the other one as a spare when I find single RRS Rim. What is the oldest MY I can go for a basic stock rim. Do I have to stay with an RRS or can I widen the search to an LR3 or full sized.
I have the same for Pirellis for winter, they are great. Though like you, I have not compared them to anything else in the snow. Right now I still have the Cooper LTZs on, so maybe we'll get a snow here and I"ll have something to compare.

Are you in NA? HSE? You can go back to MY06 and anything that came on the Sport will work if so. NA equipped and HSE, you can go to the LR3 18s also. If staying with near stock sized tires I believe most of the 19s and 20s from the FF and LR3 will fit.

EDIT: Yes you're in NA.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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