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I'm having two issues with my 2018 SCV8 Dynamic with only 18k miles that I'm not sure are related to each other or how to diagnose them so that the dealer can help:

1) The rear wheels skip under acceleration at low speeds. The skipping almost feels like a transmission slipping, but applied to the rear wheels. Acceleration is applied, but it seems like the rear wheels take a few seconds to "feel" the acceleration and skip into power with a clunking noise in a way that feels disjointed. From my research here, it sounds like this could be either an issue with the rear differential or the transfer case; however, I couldn't find any references of this problem with such new models (let alone only 18k miles). Any thoughts on what this could be?

2) The suspension seems to be very noisy and clunky when moving at slow speeds over bumps and slow speeds in general. Over bumps, the suspension is rather noisy (not loud, but not what I would expect from a luxury offroad capable SUV) and can feel like it's not contributing at all sometimes. When driving slowly, especially going from drive to reverse, the rest of the car is very noisy from the undercarriage. It sounds like coming from suspension/axle/struts, but again, not sure how to diagnose this properly or if others have experienced similar issues.

Here are some other threads that look like similar problems, but again are from much older model/higher mileage vehicles:
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