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rear washer hose routing at front of vehicle

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New to me vehicle. When I tried to operate the rear washer after replacing a wiper blade I noticed a puddle of fluid appearing approximately under the DS exhaust manifold explaining why the rear wiper was not performing well. It looks like a PO decided to disconnect the rear wiper hose for some reason perhaps a blockage at the rear wiper or leak. Looking tonight I cannot figure out where they disconnected it from. There is about 3' of hose with a kind of butt style connector on the end of it that was stuck down behind the manifold heat shielding. Anyone know where this would normally route? Presuming somewhere within a couple of feet of the front DS shock tower? Thanks.
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So found this from a manual. Now even more confused. The hose that is squirting water when I push the stalk has been routed to the, US, driver's side and according to this the rear wiper washer hose goes to the passenger side. More work to do tracing this one. On all the older cars I have owned I seem to spend most of my time chasing down weird things PO's did.
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What year and model? Signature list says Range rover sport, L320 sport is a totally different animal than an L322 Range rover.
On an 06 to 09 RR the rear wiper wash tube runs from the pump in the drivers side front corner of the truck, across the front bumper, under the cover, up over the right front wheelwell inside the fender structure, down the passenger side A pillar, along the rocker (I think you can see it up above the ESC reservoir tank) I think it comes inside the truck at that point, runs along the under the rear door, up over the right rear wheel well then dips down under the rear fuse panel, and up the D pillar under the roof fabric and out thru a grommet into the upper rear tailgate near the center of the gate, and finally meets up with the rear wiper assembly. The only tubes that come across from the drivers side are the ones for the front windsheild sprayers.

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The front sunroof drains are located down on the firewall, behind the plastic wheelwell liner on both sides. and drip out just inside the jacking pad at the front edge of the doors.
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Yep sorry about that. When I first got the car I did not understand the difference between the sport and the L322. Updated my sig.
Thank you very much M Canning. You helped me figure out how to clone new key transponders and now this! This will help me track down where the PO disconnected the hose and ran it back to where they did. Then I will try and figure out why they did it. The front bumper looks like it may have been replaced at some point so maybe they did not bother to hook up the rear washer afterward. More to come.
Found where it had been disconnected just at the front right corner of the truck and found the tubing that follows the inner fender lining back toward the A pillar. Now I just have to re-route and reconnect and hope that they simply forgot to hook it back up. Thank you again!
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