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The rear view mirror in my 98 HSE 4.6 went bad. The LCD has leaked. I remember another member had this problem on another thread and he said he had it replaced for free by the manufactorer. Can anybody provide info about this.

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rrtoadhall said:
Isn't search a wonderful thing? :thumb:
Underused thing maybe mate.... :think:
OP, I got a free one from the manufacturer, so it is indeed true.
I found all the info on here (by using the search function!)

I had an interview at Magna Donelly a couple of months ago (when i still had my P38 and not the L322 I have now). The cynic in me decided it might be a better idea to take the wifes VW Jetta to the interview instead.

Not sure it helped as I didn't get the job. `8)

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Jeff Goldman said:
Are M-D still replacing mirrors? I've heard conflicting reports... mine's bad, as well.
Don't think they are replacing for free any more.
Also, it looks like Jaguar cars are/were affected too:
The pic on this page, looks identical to the one that leaked all over my dash, which caused extensive damage to my dash. The list of damaged items includes:
- the central plastic (containing the EAS/light switch buttons);
- gear lever electronc unit;
- gear lever surround (inc the ash tray);
- gear lever plastic;
- windows/sunroof switch pack;
- drivers seat leather;
- drivers seat plastic surround.
And to make matters even more infuriating, it damaged the display on the new Sony headunit I'd fitted.

I still have the damaged mirror in place (~9 months after it happened), but from that link above, it looks like they are US$75 to get a new unit.....
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