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The left rear tire on my '99 is wearing very badly. You would think that it was on the front and the toe was WAAAY off. The guy that does my state inspections here, a good friend of mine, put in on his alignment rack and it says that the RIGHT toe is way out, the reading was -0.28. The left side reading was +0.09.
He is at a loss as to why the numbers are off on the right but the tire wear problem is on the left.Being a solid axle I don't know why left side wouldn't be just as far off in the other direction. Also, knowing that there is no toe adjustment on the rear he looked carefully at all the bushings and believes they are good, everything is tight. There is no indication that the truck was ever in an accident. Has anyone ever had rear tire wear issues like this? I have a donor vehicle that I may use the whole rear end out of and just swap it all out. I want to put it back on air springs anyway so that would be as good a time as any (the donor has good air bags on it)

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