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Rear hatch central locking

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The LSE is still in the workshop and I am awaiting news of her condition. While she is there I thought I would research some of the other bits that need sorting. I fitted the new Ali rear hatch but it doesn't appear to have any mechanism for the central locking. Neither did the old one I removed, although there are 2 wires which were going to the lock area. So does anyone have a some pictures or a diagram of how it is set up? She is a 1994 with central locking and alarm/immobiliser.


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Try doing some searches on the forum. I needed the same information after the PO ripped it apart. Here is what I found:
Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately I do not have any of that assemble :crybaby2:

When you do find the parts, fitting and setting the toggle spring is a job to be done when there are no children or persons of a nervous disposition in audible range :shock:
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