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My rear door locks have always locked with the key but never have unlocked with the key. Locking either front with the manual button locks but does not unlock the rear doors either. Too cheap to buy remote keys so I have no idea how they work that way.

A couple of days ago I double locked the car for the first time. One rear unlocked after that but the other remained double locked. Now it is a problem :(

After removing the door card and checking connections I checked the lock /unlock signals. It has a real nice 12v lock signal but no unlock signal at all.

Applied 12v to the motor and it ran in the unlock direction. Door is no longer double locked and opens with the manual latch button again.

So the question is: because the unlock signal is a +/- reversal over the same two wires is this a BECM problem or is the rear door unlock signal a BECM output that can be intentionally disabled?

I also have a false Fuse 10 failure which is probably a failed electronic bit (triac?) in the BECM so it is accumulating strikes.
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