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Rear Bumper Support Bracket Clip & Suspension Air Reservoir Queries

The rear bumper side support brackets and clips on my model year 2000 HSE 4.0 are pretty much completely rusted away. Can see some little stubs of clip in the nylon carriers on the bumper but no sign of the brackets except for the bit actually under the bolts. Brackets seem to be available under part no ANR 2500 but no sign of the clips in any on-line listing I can find. Microcat doesn't even show them in the pictures.

Does anyone have a source for the clip or failing that some dimensions so I can fabricate something before the bumper comes off? Heck even the wire diameter and rough length would help so at least I can arrange to have raw materials to hand. Pretty obvious how its all supposed to work so fabricating something functional is no problem. Also are there any fasteners I need to have in stock to ready to replace any which decide not to come out in one piece?

My suspension air tank is solid but has no paint showing. Just red rust. Should I treat it as life expired or just scrub, rust treat and paint in situ. If it is end of life is it worth going for a new assembly (assuming i can find one as I think they have gone obsolete) or would proper clean up of better looking, as in still has paint, used from a breaker be OK. Is there anything beyond the obvious components needed when changing i.e. air drier, drain plugs etc. Happy to spend a bit more on precautionary parts to ensure I don't have to re-visit the job. DIY saves a bundle on labour anyway so its silly to work to "just enough" standards.



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Re: Rear Bumper Support Bracket Clip & Suspension Air Reservoir Queries

the bumper won't come off without the clips, it is bolted with two bolts. Th brackets and nylon blocks would be nice to fixate the sides in vertikal and sideway direction. I've come across lots of P38 with the clipwire not hooked in the bracket....

if the tank is only surface rusted, i'd say give it a brush of phosphoric acid, rinse with water and paint it with hamerite.

Airdryer should be replaced if water is in the tank, more often won't hurt though.
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