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Revised January 2011

1. Please do not post vehicles for sale in the parts sections.
Vehicles for sale have their own forum. Vehicles being parted out are to be entered into a 'parts' forums.

2. Postings made by people who are in the business of selling that which they have offered for sale will be deleted.

3. If you have 5 total posts and 4 or 5 are FS items, they will also be subject to deletion.

4. Transactions to which you would be a 'third party' will be deleted
Example: You have 'a friend' who has something for sale.

5. Bumping of any kind will be deleted.
The original listing won't be deleted, but the bumps will, and the listing will move back to its pre-bump position.

6. All listings will be deleted 30 days after posting.

7. Any listing without a location in the header will be deleted.
Save everyone time by posting a complete listing with a real location including city and state/province.

8. Please refrain from posting personal info such as phone numbers, addresses or email.

If your listing disappears DO NOT send the mods or admin a pm. your time will be better spent reviewing the guidelines you did not follow.

The forum Moderators reserve the right to append, ammend, edit or delete any posts that contravene these guidelines.

Format to be used

Subject Line - For sake of uniformity, subject lines should start with one of the following:
Parting Out:

ALL LISTINGS must end with a reference to the location - city and state/province.

FS: Leather gearshift (Used) P38A - CA, US
WTD: Steering wheel 1992 RRC - Devon, UK
WTT: P38A for Late Model Classic - NT, Aus

FS.....For Sale
LHD.....Left Hand Drive
MKIII....L322/MarkIII Range Rover
P38A....P38A Range Rover
RHD.....Right Hand Drive
RRC.....Range Rover Classic
RRS.....Range Rover Sport
WTT....Want To Trade

Keep it low key while providing basic information. Please refrain from using exclamation points or all Caps in the subject line or the body of the listing.

Buyer Beware and Seller Beware prevail, in their broadest possible interpretations. Any transactions that may arise from this forum are between buyer and seller. Neither RangerRovers.net, nor any of its moderator and administrative team, shall be held liable for any consequences of any transaction.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.